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Scientists Find Socially Anxious People Are Highly Intelligent

So I came across this pretty cool article from one of my favourite sites "LifeHacker". The title speaks for itself, but one of the more fascinating things I've noticed during my time in the industry is just how many people are actual introverts.

That Promoter walking in with 20 girls, the bombshell bartender with the, both probably grew up incredibly shy. I know I did. Talk about overcompensating, right!?

A friend of mine once posted an article about "extroverted introverts" and I was shocked by the amount of Industry people that said it described them too. If you actually get to know these people, you'd see too that some of them also happen to be incredibly intelligent and self aware (the douchebaggery is a smokescreen for some really good, decent people, trust me on this) and now thanks to this article, we know why!

And speaking from experience if you ever run into me and I seem a bit isn't because I'm being snobby or's probably because I'm the dude who just had a couple hundred people show up at a party and I'm feeling awkward around so many people and I'm definitely not drunk...yet ;) lol.

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