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UNIUN 3 Yr Anniversary VIP soiree!

UNIUN is one of my favourite clubs around. And not just because we ran the Saturdays there for it's first two years.

The first time Charles Khabouth took me for a tour through there (which also happened to be the first night I was promoting it), he asked me if I had been there answer: NOPE. But I knew I could successfully promote it, because he made an AMAZING product.

I'm sure at some point people are going to look at this masterpiece of a venue and marvel at just how dope it is.

UNIUN is the embodiment of what ALL nightclubs should be: Cutting edge style, sound and entertainment.

This Saturday is the 3 year anniversary and INK Entertainment has kindly given me 10 spots for their VIP soiree from 9pm - 11pm, sponsored by Belvedere!

Then we'll all head over to The Addisons for a realll house party!!

Click Here To RSVP and join me!

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