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Toronto Talent: Sophie Jones at EFS #IndustryWednesdays TONIGHT

With the advent of places like The Addisons and Apt. 200 wanna know what the next big trend in nightlife is?


Ya know, that thing that people used to have when they went out? Not to look cooler than anyone or spend a mortgage on bottles (not that there's anything wrong with that, lol).

That thing that made you...gasp. SMILE and DANCE and SWEAT and MEET NEW PEOPLE and hear NEW MUSIC and SING TO MUSIC THAT YOU KNOW AND LOVE and DANCE!!!

A good DJ knows how to make you dance, sweat, sing and have a good time and boy do we have a, GREAT DJ for you at EFS tonight!

A couple months ago I was invited to some private launch shindig at Holt's and amidst all the schmoozing and mingling, I found myself...tearing up the damn dancefloor and needed to know WHO that DJ was, because she was giving me LIFE.

I went over and there was this little spitfire throwing down hiphop tunes from the 90s till now. Needless to say SOPHIE JONES was the DJ and we have her at EFS tonight.

She's cute. She's an AMAZING DJ and she bakes!!

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