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A Welcome Message From Our Founder

Hey everyone, my name's Ken. I’m a lifestlye & event marketing professional who specializes in promoting, marketing & producing "nightlife" events. My clients have included everyone from Microsoft Canada to Aston Martin and Overbrook Entertainment (Will Smith's production Company).

On a weekly basis, I’m the “At Play” Ambassador for the 25+ demographic in Toronto; I work with some of the top venues & hosts in the city, connecting all the right people with all the right places in Toronto's nightlife. We're a team of professional event and party planners. We care about your experience and LOVE nightlife and want to give YOU the "insider's" treatment at every turn.

With a professional background in financial services, sponsorship & event marketing, I understand the importance of customer service and being thorough. I also LOVE to see people when they are out enjoying themselves.

While no one is perfect, I only work with Toronto nightclubs and venues that have high standards from their concept to their staffing and who take an over the top approach to customer service. Being 30-something, I've paid my dues of standing in unnecessarily long lines, dealing with rude doormen (I was a head of security so this one particularly irks me) and venues that don't live up to what they promise when I was a kid.

I expect more and I'm sure you do too and that's why I choose who we work with very carefully. Our events range from charity galas to special events and weekly parties designed with YOU in mind. We know what you want and we work with the venues to ensure a hassle free, fun night out and unforgettable experiences.


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