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Bar Hopping w/ Cara DeLevigne & Margot Robbie

Well, something we do everyday made the international news. I guess that's to be expected though when you're bar hopping with a world famous supermodel and one of Hollywood's HOTTEST leading ladies.

The Suicide Squad is a HUGE movie and we've had the pleasure of be-friending almost the entire cast since they've been here in March.

We had the pleasure of booking the DJ for the official Suicide Squad wrap party at the Ballroom Bowl last Sunday, which lead to a few other stops before the crew took off.

My spirit animal Cara DeLevigne in deep with Margot Robbie! If you squint really hard, you can see me in the background with the backwards baseball cap. lol. - KB

(4Tune's Adam Julian leading the way with the homie, Jai Courtney!)

At the end of the day, we're just here to show people a good time. You don't ahve to be a Hollywood A-Lister to party with us, you just gotta have good vibes!

You can read about our adventures here & here!

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