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Like Magic...

I told a buddy that now that Obama's almost done and Hilary is gearing up for her Presidential run, you're gonna see millions of racists magically turn into sexists...and it's playing itself out with this Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly thing.

I'm no fan of FOX News' Megyn Kelly. She's a notorious race baiting ass-hole. Who ACTUALLY said this:

To which, Jon Stewart BRILLIANTLY responded:

Now we all know that the only thing racist, ignorant blow hards hate more than black women. lol. Why?

Because it all comes from the same rotting, putrid, pit of self loathing and stupidity that these idiots project out onto the world. The racists problem really isn't people of other's themselves. Samething with their views towards women.

Trump came out swinging with the racism to become the front runner in the GOP Presidential race. It was only a matter of time before he came out swinging with the sexism.

I expect to see another spike in his ratings.


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