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New Beginnings

Happy to announce that I've accepted a Sr. Marketing position with Charles Khabouth & INK Entertainment starting next week.

I'll be overseeing UNIUN, CUBE, the TRUMP, CABANA (wait till you see what we have planned, holy shit), helping with brand integrations for VELD & Digital Dreams, and most importantly working on a big 2016 where we'll be launching BISHA Hotel & the new GUV.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, but this company is huge and I'll have the opportunity to continue to grow and impact this industry, which I love so much & learn from people like Charles & Rob Lisi, whose name I've heard forever and will now have the chance to work closely with.

Big thank you to my Fam at EFS. Especially the force of nature and my good buddy Steve Georgiev. We literally set records together and did better than any other venue in the city.

Thank you so much for the opportunity!! Looking forward to this next stage in my career and hoping you all will continue following me and that I continue to produce events that you love. KB ps EFS tonight for Industry Wednesday's!

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