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Motionball 2015 | Glitz & Graffitti

Now if there's one date on my yearly calendar where I plan to black out (more than usual), it's that day in February when Motionball rolls around.

Shout out my homie Paul Etherington, one of the co-founders of Motionball (along with his bros, Mark & Sean), which raises funds for the Special the tune of $25,000,000.00 in the past 10 years!

The venue of choice The Liberty Grand was PACKED with all the right people!

I LOVE the #NOGOODWAY to use the "R-word" initiative. Words hurt and cause harm. Kudos to Motionball challenging us to do better and be more concious of the language we use which stigmatizes people!

As usual Motionball brought all the right people together in the dead of winter for a great cause. Up next is Paul's Pink Party!

Special thanks to my girls over at Duet PR Alyssa & Jen for supplying me with pics! They've been keeping me in line and holding me down since my Roosevelt Room days and came thrugh HUGE with the save, since I got way too turnt up and every pic I took with my iPhone was blurrrryyyyy.

Here's to having great friends and see you all at the next one!


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