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Justin's Little Bieber: Why Is Someone Worth $200 Million Worried About His Dick Size?

Easy. The kid was raised with no real father figure. His whole hyper-masculine act is really just a cover for a little boy who sees his fame, power & money and realizes he can't even grow a beard yet. The two don't mesh, so he acts out. And nobody stops him, cause he's the bread winner.

I'm not with body-shaming, but Bieber's such a gigantic douche because he clearly wants to be something he isn't and he's surrounded by enablers who won't be anywhere near him when he's strung out and broke.

There are literally millions of 19/20 yr old boys who look like Bieber. He didn't have to photoshop anything to represent / love his body and subsequently give those millions of boys his age permission to represent and love theirs too.

This speaks to the larger issue of false images the media pushes that results in everyone thinking they aren't good enough, when the truth is all of these idols aren't any better. I'm a lot less sympathetic because Bieber's a disrespectful little douchebag.

He needs to chill & realize how blessed he is and stop trying to grow up so fast and learn what it takes to actually be a man. And no amount of tattoos, "bad bitches", "swag" or Photoshop is gonna teach him that. Ps I'm a fan of tattoos, bad bitches and swag...but even my douchebaggery has limits. Lol.

Someone needs to tell this kid you can't buy the things that matter the Bieber's case it looks like 4 inches of c*ck, 20 lbs of muscle and a decent personality. lol.

Anyways, read about his douchey ways right hurr.

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