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When Does Her No Mean Yes?

NEVER man! lol.

Unless you're taking advice from the dude who wrote the rapiest article on the internets, who thinks the opposite is true. This is gonna get dude's charged if they listen to this jackass's advice:

"Here’s the main thing to consider: She can be saying ‘no’ with her words and even with her situational body language. But if you’ve been unmistakably clear about your sexual intent and then she comes to your room, she is open to being seduced." - Not true mayne!!!

As a "Douchebag Nightclub Promoter" I've slept beside lots of hot, drunken women who've been in my bed and still gave me a no. It ended with me rolling over, smoking a bowl and passing out. I've gotten "I'm surprised you stopped", but here's the thing; I love my weed, my freedom and my online porn more than "banging" some random chick who doesn't know she's missing out on my double jointed tongue.

Nothing's worth them charges, yo. And make no mistake, you WILL be charged if she goes through with it. You're guilty till you're proven innocent when it comes to this sort of thing.

Here's my take: A sexually liberated, empowered and confident woman will welcome the D if she's feeling you (yes, even on the 1st date), but our society tells them they are "sluts" and "easy" and "disrespecting themselves" so they have internal conflicts about getting freaky and wondering if they are "giving it up too soon", etc... The reality is, if a guy likes you, he'll stick around (yes, even if he bangs you on the 1st date, 2 of my longest relationships were with girls that I banged on the 1st date...well, 3rd according to my last gf, because blowjobs don't count as "sex on the 1st date"...lolol, god I miss her sometimes)...that is, of course, unless he's a pig who ascribes to all kinds of patriarchal bullshit that our society is permeated what is a young lady to do? I dunno...but play it means no, playa.

So my advice to the fellas out there: Put on some porn, rub one out and try to bang her friends, who she undoubtedly will have told you are either a) gay or b) a gentleman...both labels that leave the door open for many more attempts at CONSENSUAL sexytimes and both labels I would rather have than "rapist".

You dig?

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