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What It takes To Be Happy - The Power Of A Decision

My friend, "the world's sexiest Comedian" Nicole Arbour is doing something amazing and I wanted to share it with you.

She wants you to be happy. And all it takes is choosing to be so. There's alot of science around this and I'd encourage you to google it and find out for yourselves, but all I'd ask is...if you could be happy all the time, if you could live with a sense of optimism and hope no matter how bad things get...would you?

My personal answer is YES. A thousands times over, yes. My biography only lists a small portion of the shitty turns I've had in life (yes, it gets alot worse), but one thing I've always tried to maintain is a sense of hope, even on the border of homelessness, poverty, self hate, self harm and imminent death...the one thing that managed to get me through was sense of hope. A desperate yearning to be and live "better".

You don't go through the things I went through without coming out the other side with some scars, but I refuse to let those scars define me and I hope that you think the same way. I define me. And I choose to be happy.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, Niole is in the midst of leading all her friends and family in a #21DaysOfHappiness challenge. Go check out her fan page for deets, join up...and spread the happy! #GOTEAM


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