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How To Get Access To Exclusive Events: My Interview With The Toronto Star

Toronto International Film Festival after parties (Sept. 4 to 14, 2014)

Some of the most exclusive events are the Toronto International Film Festival after parties, which are hosted by TIFF, distributors, studios, media and venues.

Toronto events promoter Ken Bryan says that for many of the parties he organizes with A-listers such as Gerard Butler and Zac Efron, it’s important to keep the events closed for the comfort and security of the talent.“The after parties are meant for them to relax, so invites are limited to people who won’t go nuts if they see their fave star five feet away from them,” said Bryan.

“Granted, it does happen. We had a sponsor’s wife run up on Maggie Gyllenhaal a couple years ago. She was very nice to her though, but I got an earful from the producer later.

“If someone wants an invite to the truly exclusive parties with celebs in tow, you have to know someone and not be easily star struck.”

TIFF has two official parties — the opening night party and the closing night party. Anyone with tickets to the closing night gala screening is admitted to the closing night party.“All talent in town for the festival is invited to attend the closing night party, including the closing night film’s filmmaker and cast,” says TIFF spokesperson Jesse Wanagas.

The public can buy tickets online at or through the TIFF box office.

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