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Today We Are All Shirtless

If the media were doing their jobs, there would be no need for a #shirtlesshorde. The fact of the matter is, the media plays into Ford's b.s. by not challenging his or Doug Ford's lies.

They replay their soundbytes ad nauseum which only serves to keep people mis-informed, so these shameless, lying, bullies can push their agenda.

If the media won't "shout down" the Ford's by challenging their lies, then it's up to US the citizens to do it...shirtless or not.

I know John Furr. He lives in my Ward and up until a few days ago, we were pretty much on the same page as far as dealing with Ford's supporters.


Doug Ford's accusations that he's a "plant" is again, not true. He's quite active online and has been for years. He's an outraged citizen. And he has every right to be. As do we all.

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