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Walk It Like You Talk It

So Rob Ford is back and all it's done is make me commit to making sure Toronto is "Ford" free zone by supporting my friend Andray Domise who is running for a city council seat in Ward 2 (currently Doug Ford's city council seat & formerly Robs).

Andray happened to run into Rob Ford yesterday at Ribfest and asked Rob if he intends to apologize for calling Black ppl Niggers and "thugs"...Ford's response? "It's complicated" and walked away.

Doug Ford then decided to add in that even though he isn't running for the seat in October, their 21 yr old nephew "Mikey" Ford, will be.


So there it is. Not only is the man not changed and still a cowardly bully, but they have plans to make Etobicoke / Rexdale their own personal fiefdom.

Well, I say NO. There will be no Ford Dynasty in Ward 2. Rexdale deserves better than them. Toronto deserves better than them.

Andray is about to make alot of sacrifices to run for this seat. His timeline and emails have already been flooded with "Nigger" "Negroid", "Monkey", etc...not to mention his personal sacrifices, but this is what we need in this city.

Smart, courageous, tough young people who aren't afraid to speak truth to power and confront the worst of us and willing to take the actions needed to take our city back from corrupt, bullying, privileged, sociopaths who only have empathy for themselves.

UPDATE: Check out Andray's encounter with Ford in his own words at a recent BBPA meeting.

Rob Ford represents the WORST of us. He's privielged, but thinks his privilege doesn't help him...except when it comes to not getting charged for crimes, to being completely incompetent and possibly corrupt, for being racist, for being homophobic and for just being a terrible person...and still being able to coast to the height of public office, municipally.

Ford's privilege insulates him. It emboldens him. It makes him think that just "kinda" saying sorry and ACTING contrite will return him to the Mayor's seat and send his nephew "Mikey" into city council.

It's time for the REAL "average guy" to represent us in Toronto City Council. It's time for the BEST of what this city has to offer represents us...that best, is Andray Domise.

He's running for City council in Ward 2...and you can contribute to his campaign, here.


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