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My MMVA Weekend With Hollywood's Finest

Had a great time showing my boy Kellan Lutz and bachelorette contestant and all around good dude, Drew Kenney the best of Toronto nightlife on the weekend. He was in town to present at the MMVA's and a mutual friend got him in touch with me to take him around.

The first thing I noticed is he is a BIG dude. I'm not exactly small myself (6'3, 220) and most actors / actresses I meet are pretty tiny. The next thing I noticed is how incredibly nice and confident he was. As the night went on and more people noticed him, he only got nicer at one point when I asked him if the attention was too much & if we should leave, he responded with "I just love people man, I'm good" there was a line of about 30 guys and girls waiting to talk to him and take pics.

Big thank you to the folks at EFS, that accomodated us last minute in style and gave us the rockstar treatment!

We then walked to my other Saturday night party, UNIUN. It wasn't that far from where we were, so we decided to walk down King West thank goodness it wasn't a long walk though, because screams of "OMG, that's the guy from Twilight" started popping up. Like I said, he's a big dude and pretty good looking so he stands out (the army of 6 ft blondes that were with us probably didn't help either...note to self: bring less hotties next time).

We went in through the back of UNIUN with the head doorman and the GM and walked into one rocking party! There was a bachelorette next to our booth and he was a complete gentleman, chatting up the bride to be and her friends and enjoying the vibe!

I then called up my buddy Zark Fatah and we grabbed a limo bus to go check out Maison, which took great care of us as well.

The next night, we secured access to Universal Music's private industry only MMVA party and Muzik's party with the Kardashians and French Montana. After presenting though, he did the responsible thing and went back to the hotel for dinner and some shut eye. What a boy scout! If you check out his instagram, you'll see that he posts alot of inspirational stuff and after spending so much time with him, the one thing I can say is he lives it. He takes his health, career and relationships with people seriously. It was quite refreshing. I've met and dealt with ALOT of stars and the one constant I've noticed is that the biggest ones are also the nicest.

Make sure to check him out in the upcoming The Expendables 3 with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Michael Statham, etc. He's gonna be Hollywood's next big action star and deserves all the success!


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