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The Reverse Yelp: Restaurants Can Now Review Customers, Too

Your restaurant is watching you. Or if it isn’t yet, it probably will be soon. The Sydney-based restaurant reservation system Dimmi ResDiary, Australia’s version ofOpenTable (OPEN), allows participating restaurants to track and rate customers’ dining “performance”—what they ordered, how much they tipped, whether they made any demanding requests (take note, dressing-on-the-side people), and anything else that might prepare waiters for their arrival. “Diners will behave better, tip better, treat staff better. It will help improve the industry and may help the diner get that all important upgrade next time,” Dimmi Chief Executive Officer Stevan Premutico told the Australian website GoodFood. Think of it as a reverseYelp (YELP)—the restaurants’ way of reviewing you. Read More...

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