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Does Bieber Get A Pass?

Even though I think it's below me to comment on this Justin Bieber thing, the media's excusing of his behaviour makes me sick. Almost as much as the coons coming out of the closet to defend him. Self hate and ignorance are something, aren't they?

1) No his age is not an excuse. I'm pretty sure the person telling him "don't even say it" was around the same age.

2) He didn't tell 1 joke, he told 2. The camera only caught the end of the first one, where he said "fathers day"...the beginning of the joke is "what's the most confusing day in the ghetto"? the irony isn't lost on me considering his own dad was pretty much absent from his life until he became "Justin Bieber".

3) No, I don't think he's "racist", but considering Donald Sterling and KKK members "don't think" they are racist, that doesn't mean much. At the end of the day, JB is a self absorbed little punk with no filter, because he doesn't need one. But at the end of the day, I live in a society where a billionaire would "cross the street" if he saw me dressed how I dress to go get a bag of milk across the street...or to get some skittles and iced tea.

We don't live in a racist society. We do, however, live in a White Supremacist society. And no, you don't need to be "racist" to be a White supremacist or a card carrying member of the National Front or the KKK. The default is "White is right". It's codified in everything from our religions to our topography to our history books. Did you know that there isn't one single iota of proof of an "Aryan race"? Seriously. Nothing genetic or historical. I know this because I took the time to educate myself when learning about the "Aryan invasion" in India. We're lied to in our school books and the lies never get challenged. Just like these tired ass racist "jokes" never get challenged and so, the cycle continues generation after generation.

Because of this reason, in my book, no one gets a pass. I don't think we're all "racist", but we're ALL White Supremacists. I expect people who've never felt the need to justify their existence on a daily basis to not understand that "Nigger" isn't just a "bad word". I also am fully aware that "black" American culture has lead to the trivializing of that word for some, but that same culture also perpetuates it's usage, then they are also the first ones to run around whining about racism and even perpetuating racism against themselves (colorism) and against their "oppressors" as if two wrongs make a right. This pathology is a byproduct of White Supremacy's erasure of the accomplishments of African people. Anything African is so disgusting to them, that they would rather be called "Niggaz" than African. Its mind boggling, but not surprising once you understand the pathology.

I hold EVERYONE to the same standard: Don't use the word. Some don't. I get that...but here's a newsflash. Race is a social construct and aside from skin colour, there is no monotonous "Black" culture. I personally stopped talking to my little brother for months because of his refusal to discontinue using that word.

So no, Justin Bieber doesn't get a "pass". I knew at 12 years old not to tell racist jokes because they were wrong. The danger with excusing Bieber's behaviour is, until racism is seen as something "shun worthy". It will always exist. No, not because it's "natural", but because we live in a White Supremacist society where it benefits some people to keep the lie of "race" going. Because while we are all busy fighting each other, it takes the focus off of the real problems in society.

If you understand the history of'll know what I'm talking about.


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