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Top 3 Ways To Enjoy The Best Patio In Toronto. The CUBE Patio Survival Guide!

For over a decade Torontonians have flocked to the corner of Queen and SOHO to enjoy our oh so brief summers on a rooftop patio with a great view.

Whether in it's previous incarnations as Bamboo or ULTRA Supper Club or now CUBE, the patio at 314 Queen West is ALWAYS in high demand. Saturday nights are my nights there, so even though the official patio launch is still a couple weeks away and because I love ya'll and want you to have the best time possible, here are my top 3 tips to enjoy CUBE's rooftop patio.

1. Arrive Early - This can't be stated enough. I always advise get there by 11:30 the latest to ensure entry onto the patio. The interior of the club is stunning and well worth spending an evening, but if you're looking to enjoy the patio, this is the only way to ensure entry...unless you're taking part in no. 2.

2. Get Bottle Service - I know, here comes the douchey promoter sales pitch, but not really. The patio is only available for 3, maybe 4 months of the year, but the rent has to be paid year round. We live in a capitalist society, so the name of the game is maximize revenue or go out of business. Preference will always be given to those who want to spend more to enjoy that patio, it's just basic business sense. So if you want GUARANTEED access on the rooftop patio and don't want to rush to get to the venue, get yourself your own VIP area. The packages are entirely affordable and ensure you and your group enjoy a night under the stars and priority entry on Queen West!

3. Stay A While - If you think the line getting into CUBE is bad, you should see the line to get onto the patio. Bars are highly regulated, the patio can only legally hold so many people. No one is going to risk their liqour license and the revenue and jobs it brings just so you can "Get one more person" onto the patio. Inevitably, demand outstrips supply and the friendly doormen have to form a line to let people up. My recommendation, you arrived early, you got bottle service and you made it onto the best patio in the city. Relax, grab a drink, pull up a chair and stay on the patio! Trust me, at some point EVERYONE downstairs trys to get upstairs. No need for you to wander down, then try to get back up. Talk to your VIP host BEFOREHAND if you have a table and they will take care of any stragglers...and if you're an average joe like me...just send your buddies who didn't wanna come early a snapchat of the great time you're having on the best patio in the city. lol.


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