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Hashtag Activism...Does It Work?

Those 200 girls who got kidnapped in Nigeria has started a debate about "hashtag activism" and it's effectiveness.

Alot of people, some well meaning, some just being assholes are disparaging people who use the medium to spread the message. As if raising awareness of an issue isn't a valid form of "action" on it's own.

Bear in mind, that since 2010, nearly 64,000 African American women and girls have gone missing in the US alone. Can anyone name one? Exactly.

To all the critics, I only have one question: Are we still talking about it?

If the answer is yes, I guess that means It's effective. So shut up.

We're talking about it and something is being done about it and that's ONLY because of the international outcry that was all the "slacktivists" & their hashtag activism.

To all the supporters and well meaning people. #Bringbackourgirls. Pass it on and do your part, even if it is just a tweet. You are helping by spreading awareness and for that, you deserve thanks...not scorn.


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