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Speak Up! - City Council To Vote On EDM Ban

YES! City councillors are going to vote on forcing the board at the EX to rescind the ban on EDM events at Exhibition Place.

This is incredibly important, it's no secret that nightlife is under the attack in Toronto. Venues are disappearing left and right under pressure from developers and a misled city council. Personally I saw this move as a dangerous precedent along with moratoriums on issuing licenses in certain areas venues in areas.

This is probably the only "pro-nightlife" thing to happen in council in years, it's an election year and it's time to put pressure on your elected municipal representative.

Clubbing is not a crime and the EDM ban was a terrible mistake driven by dishonest fearmongering and greed.

Please follow this link and contact your councillor and tell them to #vetotheban on EDM events at Exhibition Place.


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