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Sympathy For The Devil - Why Chris Brown Going To Jail May Be The Best Thing For Him

So CB may go to jail and alot of people online are saying "good" and so am I, though I suspect it's for entirely different reasons.

You see, I stopped hating him a while ago once I understood what makes him tic. You tell me anyone who was raped at 8 years old, grew up in an abusive household and came out the otherside OK?

Chris has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder...I would also wager that like so many other young men of colour who grew up in unstable home lives and exposed to violence, he's probably dealing with PTSD as well.

We're not dealing with an "animal", a "monster" or even an "asshole"...we're dealing with a very, very, broken young man who was a child when he suffered one type of reality warping trauma...and then had his whole world flipped again when he became a superstar.

Money doesn't magically make your problems go away...not the ones that have nothing to do with money, anyways. Here you have this broken child, who is then thrust into the limelight, add to that millions of dollars and the adoration of millions of people and the dependance of the adults around you...and what do you have? A broken child. With lots of money and power and the same issues that no one will dare speak of or challenge.

I'm glad Chris Brown may go to jail, because while the system may be trying to make an example of him, in reality, it just may be doing him the biggest favour by removing him from his fame, his money, his yes-people and enablers.

It may be doing him the biggest favour by forcing him to take part in therapy sessions and do the work that he can't pay someone else to do for him.

Most importantly, it may give him the alone time that will enable him to look at himself objectively and allow him to deal with the demons that have been driving his behaviour.

I really wish he could get all of this on his own, but his fame, money, enablers and illness probably won't allow I use the term "happy" loosely. A friend of mine who's one of the top attorneys in the country confided in me that part of the reason he went into his own private practice as opposed to his career working for the crown was he got tired of locking people up who if they had been given a different chance in life, wouldn't have ended up in court with him.

Chris Brown had a life changing turn of luck, he became very famous and very rich, but that doesn't change the broken child, who is now a man who's looking at jail time and it's terrible that our society's values around race, gender and sex are so screwed up, that jail is probably the only thing that will save this guy from himself.


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