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Friday Features: Notable Names In Nightlife At Home & Abroad

Welcome to my first edition of Friday Features. I'm absolutely in love with nightlife and I want to introduce you guys to the people that are shaping it locally and internationally. Some interviews will be my own and some from sources around the web.

Here's a great interview with NYC's David Rabin, I love his insights on what separates a good operator from a bad one.

"Earlier this week I spoke with David Rabin, a man whose resume proves he has staying power in nightlife and moreover, hospitality. After opening Rex at 28-years-old, Mr. Rabin went on to create some notable joints like Lotus, Double Seven and more recently, The Lamb’s Club, Jimmy and Bar Naná. I asked David about his legal background, his employees, and even got an old nightlife story from Russia (with love) out of him." Read More

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