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People Need To Chill And Have Some Class

I'm all in my feelin's today ya'll!! Some people have got me feeling some type of way by being mad ratchet and I've pretty much had enough of it, so allow me to explain some thangs while this OG kush still has me in a cool ass mood.

Now here's what I think...If you've never poured a drink to pay your bills you have ZERO business eyeballing the glass of FREE liquor (for you anyways, they still cost promoters and the venue money, in purchasing, gratuity and taxes) that was just poured for you and making a fuss about it "not being enough".

For the record, a standard 1oz pour takes approximately 3 - 4 seconds. If you're wondering why your glass isn't "half full" after someone pours you a drink, that is most likely a double or a triple (2oz - 3oz) you are asking for. And apparently not being given a "free" double or triple is reason to be rude nowadays.

Not only are these people being rude, they are also being ungrateful of our hospitality & abusive of our generosity (we don't "have" to give you that "free" drink and it's not like it's the only one we'll be giving you anyways) they are also being SELFISH, because we bring upwards of 150 - 200 people to our respective venues and each bottle only holds 26 1oz drinks. No matter how many people a promoter brings, the law of diminishing returns does apply and venues won't go past the 2-3 bottles they give even the best do the math. If you're one of these people, your presence starts costing us money, instead of making us money.

I've been meaning to say something for a while, particularly after Adam Julian's epic bday party last year where over 200 people showed up just for him...and he still ended up spending a ridiculous amount of money, despite having a magnum of his own!

So the next time someone exhibits any of the above traits, not only will they be told to gtfo of our booth (remember, I was a bouncer before I was a club owner and promoter, telling people to beat it is second nature ), they will also be directed to the nearest bar where they can spend their money, which is the whole reason venues hire us to bring you there anyways.

And yes, this applies even if you are the holder of a rare and precious thing that half the planet apparently doesn't have called a vagina and THINK you're hot. And if you're a dude and you're acting like this...da fuq brah? You earn 30% more than any female due to gender gaps in thankful for your male privilege (and the brainwashing of young women into thinking they don't need feminism anymore) and SPEND some of that unearned privilege!

Here's something people may not realize; promoting is a BUSINESS. And despite being "fun & glamorous" Bars & nightclubs are BUSINESSES. And as GOOD promoters, we never lose sight of that. At least I don't...and I guess that's why I'm the BAWSE.

We are truly thankful for everyone that supports us, but our particular promise is that we bring all the right people to all the right places. Being rude, selfish, ungrateful, classless and abusive are not characteristics of "the right people", which puts us in the precarious position of not living up to our brand promise. That's bad for us and the venues that we work for.

So if you're reading this & think it applies to you & now you're feeling some type of way too, kindly also feel free to not "support" us with your presence, because being highly regulated BUSINESSES, bars and nightclubs also have limited space and from a BUSINESS're a waste of it.


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