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A Great Day For Democracy In Canada

So Stephen Harper promised that when he was finished with Canada, we wouldn't recognize it. And boy, has he been hard at work keeping that promise.

However, the Supreme Court Of Canada hit back and showed him that Canada isn't going to be easily remade in his image and I am thankful for that.

Unlike in the US, where the Supreme Court basically has been rubber stamping every illegal, unethical, immoral thing the government comes up with, here in Canada, our Supreme Court let it be known that it's powers remain and Harper is not King.

The problem with Harper is he is an ideologue. He sees the world a certain way and does everything he can to make it so, facts be damned. He thinks he needs to be "tough on crime" so he produces an omnibus bill with portions that are unconstitutional, with punishments like mandatory minimum sentences that don't work, that increase funding for super prisions for all the criminals he is about to "catch" despite the fact that Canada has been seeing a steady decline in crime, which his government laughably attributed not to a better society with more opportunity, health and good policing...but to an "epidemic of unreported crime"...with no facts to back it up.

This is not the way to govern, it's a way to rule. And our Supreme Court let it be known that some things are off limits, he is a Prime Minister (hopefully not for much longer) and not a King.

Kudos to them.

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