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Kenny, Who You Votin' For Playa?

Well, I'm glad you asked!!

My final two candidates for mayor are John Tory & Morgan Baskin !

I like Morgan's ambition and really, it's a vote for the youth of this city and my hope that they will make better leaders than the sorry lot we are faced with now. We need to encourage them and a vote for this young lady is a vote for hope in the future!!

As for John Tory, I'm not crazy about the fact that he's supportive of the Scarborough Subway, but the fact is, it's already been approved by a majority of councillors (feel free to vote them out for supporting Rob Ford's stupid idea), it's already funded (feel free to ask our feds why they gave Robbie over a half billion dollars to fund it ) and cancelling it will cost us millions of dollars. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. So we might as well absorb it into a larger overall transit development plan, which is what Mr. Tory is planning to do.

So moral of the story for this election is:

1) Don't be lazy and let an idiot like Rob Ford get elected.

2) Find out who your local councillor is who voted to support Robbies stupid idea and vote them out of office. Rob Ford couldn't push this thing through on his own without their support.

3) Vote John Tory for Mayor.

He's really the best choice. He's a good man. He has the support of community and business leaders and his decision to stick by this, is a sign of much needed pragmatism and forward thinking.

Anddddd, he's running as a LIBERAL this time around and taking the actual PROGRESSIVES from the Conservative party with him ;) (Rosedale crew, waddup doe!!).

We need a better transit system and subways are a part of that, but let's put someone in office who understands WHERE to build them, not just that they have to be built.


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