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At The Corner Of King & Brant

"How do you know so many people"? a buddy enquired this past Saturday at UNIUN.

I get asked that question alot. It's been one of the reasons for my last two break ups and is the reason why I can do what I do for a living...and I owe it all to the corner of King and Brant.

I was a bouncer and probably still would be today if it wasn't for my heart failure. I was super shy growing up, avoiding even full streetcars because I had way too much anxiety to walk past that many people, (convinced they were all secretly looking and laughing at me) so to be making a living "being known and knowing people" is quite the shock when I really think about it.

It's Fashion Week in the city and I have a few parties / events to attend tonight, starting with John Tory's campaign kickoff, followed by Brassaii for the Christopher Bates Fashion Show afterparty, then EFS for the GOTSTYLE afterparty (hosted by their style ambassador Joffrey Lupul) and finally, the Mackage afterparty at The Citizen...former home to The Brant House.

I was very fortunate to have worked on King West as a head doorman when it was the undisputed hub of all that's cool, trendy and upmarket for nightlife in Toronto. Whether it was being the guy who decided who could and could not get onto Cheval's patio, escorting VIPs to Brant Houses "owners corner" on their patio or manning the door at WEST, I became a well known face and someone who got to know alot of people very quickly.

Brant House was the epicenter of this as was it's sister venue, WEST (which became Cobra and is now re-opening under the hands of the original WEST owners) I'm very happy to see that these two venues that were instrumental in teaching me about life and this industry are being relaunched this spring.

King West is growing up a bit, reinventing itself in the wake of the condos, restaurants and criticisms. The corner of King & Brant is what (arguably) put King West on the map (WEST used to see lineups from Brant St all the way to Spadina & Brant House will always be legendary) and I am eager to see what these new venues have in store and encourage everyone to go check them out!


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