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Nothings More Important Than Good Oral

Health, you sickos!

So I first found out about the connection between oral health and your overall health when I had heart failure. I had no clue what it was and researched my ass off to find out what I was dealing with.

Turns out Lorne from Angel passed away from Heart Failure at 33. It was brought on by a dental infection.

Needless to say, dental health became just one more thing I paid particular attention to on my road to recovery and wellness.

I'm currently experimenting with oil pulling and my daily routine consists of swishing coconut oil for 20 mins, rinsing and gargling with salt water and finally brushing with baking soda.

Here's a handy article on the importance of oral health. Don't worry, it's mainly an infographic. Save it and apply it. It could save your life!

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