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All The Right People. All The Right Places.

Nothing makes me more happy / proud than when we go into a venue and help it turn around from a crowd and brand perspective.

When we started at the Thompson Hotel, I received so many messages by people saying how much it sucked & relating the poor experiences they had there and now some of it's most vocal critics are throwing events there. lol. No shade at all, just an example of how the right people and an open attitude from the venues perspective to do better can turn things around in less than a year.

The samething is happening now with CUBE Saturdays. Promoters are essentially field marketers for the venues. We're the ones out there, doing one to one marketing on a daily basis to drive weekly attendance. We're talking to people all the time and we know what "the word on the street" is.

I've been receiving messages from the staff and from random patrons about how much better it's gotten, how smooth the door is and how the crowd is improving. I don't think it's solely because of us. It's everyone in the organization from the top down, buying into doing things better...and you guys trusting us, when we say we bring "all the right people to all the right places".

We set standards for what our people expect and we communicate clearly to the venues the feedback we receive & kudos to them, they try their best to help us out. If you are involved in HOSPITALITY, you need to approach everything from the perspective of "What can I do BEST for you?". I

t's pretty simple, actually, our business is based on how well we treat people and that comes from how much you care. You just have to care about the people that are paying you and in our line of work, it's the PEOPLE that come through the doors.

When people establish brands, they are essentially making a promise and ours is we will continue to set high standards for what we expect from venues so you, the paying customer will get your money's worth.


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