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UNIUN Saturdays - Cutting Edge Style, Sound & Entertainment

I absolutely love UNIUN. The minute I walked into it with Charles Khabouth, my first thoughts were "wow, this guy finally built the first REAL nightclub in Toronto in a long time".

I walked into the place with him on the 2nd weekend it had been opened, with a guestlist of 300 people, he asked me "Have you even been here before?"

"Nope". I answered with a smile. He shook his head and followed up with "then how could you even promote it?!"

And my answer was "Cause I can see the vision, Babay!" lol.

I fell in love with the space from the pictures, the branding and what I saw it was capable of.

What I mean by that is, it was a space that inspired the imagination. It was futuristic, yet retro, it was upscale, but could appeal to the underground, it was industrial and raw, but had fantastic, unique design elements...from the in your face lighting system to subtle hints like the Masonic mannequins.

It was a space where people could lose themselves and that is what nightclubs were meant to be. A space where "you" were defined not by the colour of your skin, the size of your bank account or your social connections...but by who YOU were at that particular moment in time.

I saw it as a space where we could set people free...and now it's the number 1 club in the city.

Check out some of the cool events we have coming up for #UNIUNSaturdays, we weren't joking when we say "Cutting Edge Entertainment" ;)


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