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The Trouble With Twitter

Hate Twitter, barely use it.

LOVE Tweetdeck and slowly getting used to it.

I recently discovered the use of lists in Tweetdeck...I know, total newb. But that kinda illustrates the point.

Twitter to me had always seemed kind of useless. People talking about a bunch of different things in short form, occasionally you click on a hashtag and you MAY get the context of their thoughts. Otherwise it's just a bunch of...random people having random conversations...mainly with themselves.

Now imagine if Twitter were ordered like Tweetdeck, with columns, easily ordered lists and Twitter helped you organize with questions about your preferences, this screen would come after you had added some friends, it then would present pre-determined lists (think group of friends standing in different groups, having the same conversation), then all the user has to do is jump right in.

You would then have the option of drilling down and creating more lists. To me, that would make Twitter useful, intuitive and easy to use and follow like walking to different groups of friends having different also wouldn't seem so stupid and pointless.

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