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Is Toronto Cool Enough For You?

This really has me thinking...whether we know it or not, Toronto is becoming cool internationally (thanks Drake!).

But I still hear people say "I feel like I'm not in Toronto" when it comes to their preferred nightlife the question it "Toronto" you don't like? Or what people have been offering you in Toronto?

When Cam'ron is referring to Toronto as a place that's kicking NYC's ass for "coolness", you know there's something brewing.

Yes, the same Cam'Ron that had thugged out brothers wearing pink fur hats and jonzing for the day they could afford a hot pink range rover The hottest thing in Harlem (the center of NYC coolness).

Personally, I think if you're not happy with Toronto's nightlife scene...start going to better parties and not ones that are pale imitations of something someone saw in Vegas or NYC.

Let's do some distinctly Toronto events, build venues that reflect us; The most diverse, educated and free spirited city in the world.

I, for one don't want to feel like I'm "not in Toronto" when I'm out enjoying myself...I wanna be out there partying and look around say "ONLY IN TORONTO".

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