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The Days Of Bottle Service At New York City's Nightclubs Are So Over

According to Business Insider...#BottleServiceIsDead…well, not dead, dead. But I am happy to see it return to what it was always meant to be: a LUXURY service that’s not meant for everybody.

The watered down bottle service that so many places offered is what lead to this…along with an economic correction that saw all the boozy finance boys put back into place. By watered down, I don’t mean the drinks…I mean the experience. Paying a crazy markup only so you can get the honor of being lied to, receive shitty service from a girl who just wants to get her tip and get out of there, have your crazy spend completely mean nothing by next week, etc…I’ve seen it all and to be frank, am glad to see the trend dying.

The watered down “bottle service” experience also affected the party…too many booths (and therefore the pressure to sell them to any and everybody) and not enough dancefloor…mediocre DJs spinning mediocre music to cater to the “bottle service crowd” which got worse and worse as venues are put under pressure to put asses in those (bottle service) seats, meant a poor experience for everyone involved, from staff to security to even other partygoers forced to cater to the whims of the weekend 30k millionaire “balling out”…with 20 other guys just so they can have the “look”.

Bottle service won’t ever go away, the margins are too good and the service, when done right, is definitely worth it...but now hopefully alot of the bad it brought with it will go the wayside and the people who get it, will be able to afford it, because it’s a luxury item.

The venues being built will have bigger dancefloors…and places where people can sit and socialize without having to “buy a bottle” what we have at the Thompson Hotel lobby on Saturdays ;)

Nightclubs and bars are social spaces…and it looks like dancing and having a good time are front and center again in #Nightlife…I can hardly wait. #TorontoNightlife #IndustryTrends

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