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Ken Bryan is an award winning hospitality consultant, brand marketer & former club owner who understands the ins and the outs of upscale hospitality & nightlife in Toronto, like few others.

From throwing massive parties in Toronto's most luxurious venues, to hosting exclusive private dinners with Hollywood's A-list & Fortune 500 executives, Ken is a lifestyle and event marketing professional who specializes in connecting all the right people to all the right places. 

"With a professional background in financial services, sponsorship development & brand marketing, I understand the importance of customer service and being thorough. I also LOVE to see people enjoying themselves."

Some of his more notable nights out have included private hotel penthouse parties with James Franco, celebrating Independence Day with Will Smith at Cabana Poolbar, an exclusive fundraiser at the Royal Ontario Museum & even being tailed by paparazzi while barhopping with Margot Robbie, Cara DeLevigne & the entire Suicide Squad cast.

"I believe strongly in the culture of nightlife. Whether it's over food & drink or in the middle of a crowded dancefloor, the pandemic & the pained response to lockdowns & restriction of movement, proved that humans are social creatures, we'll never lose that instinct to socialize and connect. No matter What."

As one of Toronto's most connected nightlife insiders, Ken is the go to guy for professionals & VIPs who are looking to enjoy a night out on the town.

"I come from a VERY rough background. Foster kid, no parents, no family. Painfully shy & hyper aware. I understood loss and lack at a very young age, but I never lost hope.


The one thing I've always wanted was to be cared for and the one thing that's come naturally to me was to care for others.


My career in nightlife and hospitality allows me to live my dreams & take people to places energetically that reminds them of what connects us at a time when so much emphasis is being placed on what divides us."

Ken knows all the right people and all the right places and when you connect with him, you will too! 

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