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  1. people of good social position, specifically (in the UK) the class of people just "below" the nobility in position and birth.

    "a member of the landed gentry"

When Toronto’s socialites, scenesters, business people and VIPs want to find what’s hot and what’s next, Gentry Hospitality is who they turn to.


With deep connections from Toronto to St. Tropez, we are the authority when it comes to a fun night on the town: we bring all the right people to all the right places.  


From restaurants & nightclubs to festivals & charitable events, we serve as Toronto's highly connected, "in the know", event hosts & guides.

Our community is upwardly mobile, connected & conscientious. We want the best out of life, work hard to get it and play harder to celebrate it. 

With Gentry Hospitality, you will find your people, place & purpose, every weekend. 


#TheNewNobility Not a call out, but a call IN!

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